Best Schools Admission & Enrollment Activities (2020/21)

Best School For Your Child: Admission & Enrollment Activities (2020/21)


  1. We are taking a strategic approach concerning the Rating Guide for the annual ATS awards. This is to address the worries of stakeholders with regards to the integrity of WASSCE. There have been valid concerns of exam malpractices in Africa. However, ATS-rated schools have till date solid academic staff, standard operating procedures, and quality school plants.
  2. ATS awards will continue to be solely influenced by the performances of schools in external examinations. However, effective from February 2021, we will be adding an ATS Value Plus services to further improving the credibility and quality of the ATS Awards.
  3. What is ATS Value Plus Service?
    This will be a special February Mock examinations services for students preparing for the May/June external examination in standard schools in Africa:

A) First level participation in the annual ATS award will be the registration of at least 20 students for the ATS Plus Mock Exams by interested schools. There must be proof that the registered students have been registered for the May/June NECO or WAEC exams.

B) Participating schools will supply WAEC/NECO results of participating students to the ATS team for confirmation with WAEC/NECO. (Every School must have indemnified the ATS team against usage and confirmation of results with WAEC/NECO during registration for the ATS Value Plus Mock Exams.

C) Ratings of schools for the ATS awards will be based on composite grading of students in the WASSCE and Value Plus Mock Exam; including quality of school plant and standard operating procedures of schools.

  1. Key Questions:
    a) Start-up subjects in the ATS Value Plus Mock exams:
    English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Economics. (We can add additional subjects for interested schools as need arises).

Any cost implications?
Yes, very minimal, for examinations and results validation with WAEC.
We always pay WAEC for rating services. The ATS Value Plus Mock exams may replace (or add value) in-house mock exams of participating Schools.

August 20-23, 2019 (Lagos Center). September 2- 5 (Abuja)


hostels workshop nlhead Invitation to operators of standard Students Hostel in  High Schools, Polytechnics and Universities to nominate participants to the Lagos (August 20- 23) and Abuja (September 2- 5) workshops on Effective 21st Century Hostels Management. We will teach the latest techniques in safety and facility management; roles and responsibilities of Hostel Managers in 21st Soft Skills development of students, interpersonal relationship skills/ conflict management; stress management techniques, effective students parenting; Hostels as Home away from Home, and much more. Cost is Naira 100, 000 per participant. Payable to Stanbic Ibtc Bank Plc 0010511144 for Africa Brands Review. Call now/ sms +234(0)802330811

August 20-23, 2019 (Lagos Center). September 2- 5 (Abuja).