About Us

Our Mission

At ATS, we believe that education is the cornerstone of progress and prosperity. Our mission is to empower individuals with the information they need to make informed decisions about their educational journey. Through comprehensive analysis and transparent assessments, we aim to contribute to the enhancement of education across Africa.

Unveiling Educational Excellence

The Africa Top Schools project is more than just a ranking system; it's a commitment to showcasing and celebrating educational excellence. We understand the importance of not only academic performance but also the quality of administration in shaping a holistic educational experience.

What Sets Us Apart

Our ranking system is designed to provide valuable insights into the educational landscape in Africa. We understand that the educational journey is unique to each individual, and our goal is to help you make informed decisions about schools across the continent.

  • Comprehensive Criteria Our ranking system incorporates a diverse set of criteria, combining academic performance and administrative quality. By delving into both aspects, we offer a nuanced understanding of each school's strengths and areas for improvement.
  • User-Friendly Web Portal Explore our user-friendly web portal designed to simplify your school search. With filtering options, detailed profiles, and user reviews, we aim to provide a dynamic platform for individuals seeking the best education for themselves or their children.
  • Mobile Accessibility We believe information should be accessible anytime, anywhere. Our mobile-friendly design ensures that you can access our portal effortlessly from your smartphones, tablets, or computers.
  • Transparent Star Rating System Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our star rating system. We apply a weighted approach to determine each school's rating, providing a clear and fair representation of their academic and administrative performance.

Join Us in Enhancing Education

Whether you're a parent, student, educator, or policymaker, ATS invites you to be a part of this endeavor. Explore our portal, share your experiences, and join us in creating a brighter future for education in Africa. Thank you for being a part of Africa Top Schools!

How We Rate Schools

Transparency in Assessment

At Africa Top Schools (ATS), transparency is at the core of our mission. We believe in providing a clear understanding of how schools are evaluated to empower stakeholders with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about education. Our comprehensive rating system combines rigorous analysis and expert assessments to ensure a holistic view of each institution.

Score Calculation

The numerical scores from academic performance and administrative quality are calculated separately using a formula that incorporates the weighted criteria. This ensures a fair and accurate representation of a school's strengths and areas for improvement in both academic and administrative realms.

Weighted Criteria Approach

Academic Performance Criteria

We meticulously gather data from various external exam bodies, including WAEC, NECO, IGSCE, SAT, among others. The academic performance component is assigned significant weight, reflecting the importance of a school's success in nurturing intellectual growth. This includes data such as Total Candidates, Average Aggregate, and Yearly Performance.

Administrative Quality Criteria

Our team of ATS administrators conducts thorough on-site visits to schools, evaluating various aspects of school administration. The administrative quality component encompasses facility quality, staff quality, teaching quality, web-based services, anti-bullying efforts, leadership, student outcomes, co-curricular activities, community involvement, environment, location, and an overall administrative score.

Star Rating System

Once the scores are determined, we employ a 1 - 5 star rating system to categorize schools:

  • 5 Stars: Exceptional Schools demonstrating outstanding excellence in both academic performance and administrative quality.
  • 4 Stars: Excellent Institutions showcasing a high level of academic achievement and administrative prowess, offering an excellent educational experience.
  • 3 Stars: Satisfactory Schools meeting expected standards in both academic and administrative domains, providing a solid educational environment.
  • 2 Stars: Needs Improvement Institutions that, while satisfactory, have identified areas that require improvement in various aspects of education.
  • 1 Star: Inadequate Schools falling below expected standards in academic performance and administrative quality, indicating a need for significant enhancement.

Expert ATS Administrator Reviews

In addition to numerical assessments, our team of ATS administrators provides expert insights during on-site visits. These reviews complement user-generated feedback, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive evaluation.

Empowering Informed Decisions

Our commitment to transparency and expertise ensures that our rating system is a valuable resource for parents, students, educators, and policymakers. By understanding how we rate schools, you can confidently navigate the educational landscape and contribute to the collective effort of enhancing education in Africa.

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