This is inviting nomination of your Principal officials to the August 26- 29, 2019 final phase of the Great Principals Workshop (Advance Stage) in Abuja Nigeria.  The Workshop is a professional development program to sustain veteran Principals as they meet new challenges of the 21st-century education and emerging new roles of managing Schools, and give new Principals the greatest chance of success as well. The key ideas of the workshop are that School Principals/ Heads and Leaders must focus regularly on evaluating the effect they have on students’ learning/ achievements and adjust their management methods accordingly. Principals beliefs and commitment are the greatest influence on students’ achievement.

For effectiveness, the 21st- century Principal must have a sound mindset that:

  1. Are passionate about helping their students learn.
  2. Monitor their management style/ impact on students; learning and adjust their approaches accordingly.
  3. Are clear about their vision, goals, and roles for their school and what they want their students to learn/ achieve. They must influence the recruitment and motivation of teachers that can help them achieve their vision and targets.
  4. Forge a strong relationship with their teachers and students that foster effective learning.
  5. Adopt evidence-based teaching strategies in their school, and are clear about the concept of evaluating learning. They must see assessment as feedback about their impact.
  6. Actively seek to improve their own teaching strategies. Primarily as the chief coach/ teacher in their schools and must not stop teaching.
  7. Teach students the value of concentration, perseverance, and deliberate practice.
  8. Understand the cash flow system of their school and they must be able to use the cash flow effectively for their schools’ Improvement and Development system.


The overarching idea of the 2019 Great Principals Workshop is that the Principal needs to understand where a student is in their level of thinking and then challenge them to go beyond that level through a process described as “cognitive acceleration”. They need to provide instruction at the right level and in the right way given how a student processes information. This entails using teaching approaches which makes learners think about learning more explicitly and where they make their thinking explicit e.g. using e-learning strategies; the 21st– century Principal is the school technological and transformation leader.

Participation fee is Naira 100, 000/ participant. Payable to Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc 0010511144 for Africa Brands Review.



Call or SMS 08023308188 for participation now. You can send the nomination to or or


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