*How to Make Your School a Better Place*

Making your school a better place will make everyone around you happier and will get you more pumped to go every day. In addition, a better atmosphere will also make you more productive. As a student, you can help other students and maintain a positive attitude and take the lead when it comes to promoting improvements in the school. As a faculty member or teacher, there are other strategies that you can use to create a better working environment. Whether you’re a student, faculty member, or teacher, you should always be thinking of ways to make your school a better place.

*Method One of Three:*

Helping Other Students

Stand up to bullies. Do not stay silent when you see another student getting harassed by a bully. Speak up confidently and tell them to stop. This will create a better atmosphere at school and can prevent bullies from picking on other students in the future.
When you see someone getting bullied you can say something like “Hey, that’s not funny at all. Stop bullying her.”
Or you could say, “Cut it out. They didn’t do anything to you, stop being mean to them.”
You can also ask the bully something like, “How would you like it if someone did that to you? Do you think it’s fun to be humiliated?”

Try to resolve conflicts between other kids. When you see other students in an argument, you can intervene and help resolve the issue. Many conflicts in school are just misunderstandings between two people. Encourage your classmates to talk to each other and try to see each other’s perspectives.

For example, if someone was spreading rumors about someone else, you could say something like, “The only reason Jessica is yelling is because of the rumor you spread, Jack. I think instead of fighting you both should talk about it. Why did you start the rumor, Jack?”

Spread a positive attitude. If other students are constantly complaining about things at school, it can bring down everyone’s attitude. If students are talking about how bad something is, try to help them see the positive side of things. Keep a smile on your face and help inspire other students to stay positive

For example, if someone is complaining about how hard physics is, you can say something like “Sure, it’s hard, but just imagine how much this is going to prepare us for college. It’s better to learn it now than to struggle with it later.”

Tutor other students if you can. If you know that other students are struggling with a subject that you’re good at, you can help them by tutoring them in that subject. Helping other students with their academics and improving their grades will help create a positive atmosphere in school.[4]
When students struggle in school, there’s a chance that they can lash out and disrupt learning for everyone.[5]

Make friends with students that are lonely. If you notice a student who doesn’t have many friends, sits alone at lunch, or is bullied regularly, make it a point to become their friend. Making friends with this student will make them less lonely and may encourage other people to become friends with them

If you notice that a student that’s sitting alone at lunch, walk up to them and say something like, “Hey, you’re in my math class. Mind if I sit with you for lunch?”
If you notice a student who doesn’t have many friends, walk up to them and ask them “What are you doing this Saturday? I’m going to play basketball. Want to come along?”

Communicate serious issues with teachers and administration. If you know someone who is really struggling in school or has to face serious issues at home, you should report it to the principal. First, make sure that you can’t help the student resolve the issue yourself. If you come to a roadblock, go to administration and talk to an adult who can help

For example, if your friend is struggling with getting bullied and the bullies won’t stop, report it to the principal before something more serious happens.

*to be continued*

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