2017 African Top Schools (Nigeria South-South)

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There is a perception that private schools are better than their public counterparts because more money buys more resources which leads to beer results. A review of the 2012- 2015 Top 1000 schools in May/ June SSCE obtained from WAEC confirmed 97% of the schools in the list were privately owned schools in Nigeria, confirming the reasons why parents (including public servants / teachers) always preferred sending their children to private schools. Of the 3% public schools on the list; majority of those doing well are model colleges or specially funded colleges owned by the states or federal government. These schools are given special funding, manpower and infrastructural development; and have boarding facilities. Africa Brands Review (ABR) teams have visited majority of the schools listed in the yearly Top 1000 list obtained from WAEC. There are classes and shades of schools; both among public schools and privately owned schools. In our analysis, we have neglected consideration for school fees and we have classified schools into three categories: platinum, gold and silver

    1. The top 10 National were classified as platinum schools. Schools in this category have very high academic, moral and school plant standard.
    2. Top 3 schools in every state with high academic, moral and school plant are classified rated Golden category schools.
    3. Every other school on the top 1000 schools category i.e. member of top 5% schools doing WAEC in Nigeria are rated Silver category

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